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The “Make in India” initiative, coupled with favorable government policies and an abundant labor force, has attracted several international tech giants to set up manufacturing facilities in the country. One such success story is, which has been ramping up its production and export of iPhones from India. In a significant development, reports indicate that Apple’s iPhone exports from India have doubled between April and August, highlighting the country’s growing importance as a manufacturing hub for the tech giant.

Expanding Manufacturing Capabilities

Apple’s decision to manufacture in India can be attributed to various factors, including cost advantages, a large consumer market, and favorable government policies. The company has been gradually expanding its manufacturing capabilities in the country, starting with the assembly of older iPhone models and subsequently moving towards producing the latest devices.

Apple partnered with contract manufacturers such as Foxconn and Wistron to establish manufacturing facilities in India. These facilities have played a crucial role in meeting domestic demand and catering to export markets. The increased focus on manufacturing in India has not only helped Apple diversify its production base but has also contributed significantly to job creation and technology transfer in the country.

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Rapid Growth in iPhone Exports:

The data from the period between April and August reveals a remarkable growth trajectory for Apple’s iPhone exports from India. The export volume has doubled during this period, indicating a strong demand for Indian-manufactured iPhones in international markets. This surge in exports can be attributed to various factors, including improved production efficiencies, streamlined supply chains, and the rising popularity of Apple products worldwide.

Apple’s decision to manufacture in India has also been fueled by the country’s growing middle class and increasing consumer purchasing power. With a population of over 1.3 billion people, India offers a massive market potential for tech companies. By manufacturing iPhones locally, Apple can ensure competitive pricing and better accessibility for Indian consumers, leading to increased sales and a boost in overall exports.

Government Initiatives and Support

The Indian government’s proactive stance in promoting domestic manufacturing has played a vital role in attracting investments from multinational companies like Apple. Initiatives such as the “Make in India” campaign and the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme have provided significant incentives for smartphone manufacturers to set up their production units in the country.

Under the PLI scheme, the government offers financial incentives to companies that manufacture smartphones in India. The scheme aims to enhance India’s manufacturing capabilities and boost exports by creating a favorable business environment. Apple’s decision to increase iPhone exports from India is a testament to the success of these government initiatives.

Benefits and Opportunities:

The growth in exports from India brings several benefits and opportunities for both the company and the country. For Apple, manufacturing in India not only helps diversify its production base but also reduces dependence on a single manufacturing hub. This mitigates risks associated with factors such as geopolitical tensions, supply chain disruptions, and changing trade policies.

For India, the expansion of iPhone exports signifies increased foreign exchange earnings, job creation, and technology transfer. It also enhances India’s reputation as a global manufacturing hub and strengthens the country’s position in the global supply chain ecosystem. Moreover, the growth in iPhone exports further cements India’s potential as a lucrative destination for other tech companies looking to establish manufacturing facilities.


The doubling of exports from India between April and August is a significant milestone that underscores India’s emergence as a prominent manufacturing hub for the tech giant. The expansion of manufacturing capabilities, favorable government policies, and the growing consumer market have all contributed to this remarkable growth. As Apple continues to invest in local production and export from India, the country stands to benefit from increased foreign exchange earnings, employment opportunities, and technological advancements. This positive trend sets the stage for further growth and solidifies India’s position as a key player in the global smartphone manufacturing industry.

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